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Upkeep Bookkeeping


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Full Service Bookkeeping

In the vibrant narrative of your business, every chapter counts. That's why our full-service bookkeeping isn't just a support function – it's a vital supporting role in your story of growth and triumph. With our meticulous attention to detail, we liberate you from the burdens of financial administration, allowing you to focus on what truly drives your business most. Our expert team handles everything from expense tracking to financial reporting, providing you with the insights and confidence to navigate your journey toward success.

Embrace the pivotal role of full-service bookkeeping in your business narrative. Let us be the steadfast ally that ensures every chapter unfolds with clarity and purpose. Together, we'll script a tale of prosperity and accomplishment!



Picture this: Your financial records, once cluttered and chaotic, transformed into a streamlined, organized masterpiece. With our expert touch, we'll untangle the knots of discrepancies and errors, ensuring that your story is told with clarity and precision.

No longer will you be haunted by the ghosts of past accounting missteps. Instead, you'll stride confidently into the future, armed with accurate, reliable financial data as your guide.

Embrace the opportunity to correct your business's story with our bookkeeping cleanups. Let us ensure a strong foundation for making the most important and informed business decisions.


Business Consultations & Strategic Planning

In the ever-evolving saga of your business, strategic planning is the compass that guides you through uncharted waters. With our expert business consulting services, fueled by meticulous bookkeeping and insightful financial reports, you'll author a bright future for your business. Collaboratively, we will unlock a treasure trove of strategic insights, illuminating the path to growth and prosperity. With strategic guidance, you'll uncover hidden opportunities, mitigate risks, and chart a course toward your most ambitious profitable goals. No longer will you navigate blindly. We will serve as your trusted advisors, leveraging the power of your financial records to craft strategies that propel your business to new heights.


Training and Guidance

Equipped with the knowledge and skills to harness the full potential of QuickBooks, your team will confidently handle your daily operations. With our tailored training programs and ongoing support, you'll know that your books are being managed correctly. No longer will you struggle with the complexities of financial management. Our dedicated experts are here to provide guidance every step of the way, ensuring that you master QuickBooks like a seasoned pro.

Embrace the power of expert bookkeeping and QuickBooks training & support. Together, we'll script a tale of streamlined operations, financial clarity, and unstoppable growth for your business.

You're 3 Easy Steps Away!


In a brief, but in-depth discovery call, we will discuss exactly where you are right now, along with your wants and needs. You will find out if Upkeep LLC is a good fit for your & your business goals.



I will create a detailed plan that will include a flat monthly rate for optimal budgeting with a clear path to reach your goals. You will have confidence & understanding of the process that will save you the most amount of time while having a huge impact.

I provide you with steps to share with me what I need to build you an efficient bookkeeping system that will save you time and give you insight with proactive guidance, typically within 30 days. You will begin seeing your finances in a new way while your business growth toolbox will expand overnight.

Passionate About Your Success.

We help you climb out of the paperwork to keep doing what you enjoy most. Supportive guidance to maximize profit and put more money in your pockets.

Partnering with entrepreneurs to give them confidence in their decision-making.


About Us

We believe in providing the excellence you deserve and with our qualifications, we're ready to deliver.

Owner & Bookkeeping Professional

Bringing you over 20 years of bookkeeping & business management experience and problem solving skills.

Qualified, Certified, & Experienced

Certified in Bookkeeping in addition to a business degree and NIFE Financial Counseling Certification.

Quickbooks Advanced & Xero ProAdvisor

I am highly trained and experienced in all things Quickbooks and also can offer expertise in Xero.

Payroll Systems with Gusto & Patriot

Setup and training for the independent owners or general management and compliance.

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