Why Hiring an Outsourced Virtual Bookkeeper is Smart Business

Most business owner's already have seen or are aware that outsourcing can be a very smart move for your business, but have you considered outsourcing a virtual bookkeeper?

If you haven't, here are five reasons you should really consider making hiring a virtual bookkeeper your next smart move.


It is easier to find a niche or expert in your specific industry rather than just looking at your local area, so you can get someone who knows more about how to ideally setup, maintain and review your accounting numbers.


While most business owners will still draw a virtual fence around personal time, a virtual bookkeeper tends to have more flexibility in availability and it makes it easier to take care of the bookkeeping business when you are not tied up by the rest of your business.


Due to the nature of the virtual bookkeeping business, a virtual bookkeeper tends to be more in tune and adept at the latest greatest tools and technology to optimize efficiency, organize your paperwork electronically with topnotch security (no more lost receipts or forgetting to backup data because it should be on the cloud).


Certainly not hiring a dedicated employee for bookkeeping will save you money on all employee related overhead costs, but also choosing a virtual bookkeeper with much lower overhead, rather than a brick and mortar bookkeeper, tends to save you money in the end. Just be sure you chose expertise and great customer service over just “cheap”.


You don’t have to wait for them to find time to drive to you after driving to all of their other clients and you don’t have to leave your business to go to them. The time saved makes them and you more accessible, but even more valuable is the time you save with someone taking the chore of bookkeeping off of your hands so you an do what you do best.

One more piece of advice, there is still a big difference in "robo" bookkeepers and a virtual bookkeepers. Avoid artificial intelligence based bookkeeping entities or assembly line bookkeeping that can't give you individual attention and consideration. You don't want a faceless entity handling your business, you still want a connection with someone who really cares about your business and success. A great virtual bookkeeping professional will spend time regularly with you helping you see how the numbers relate to your business and should empower you to make better decisions.

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