Top 5 Benefits Your Company is Missing When You Use Spreadsheets for Bookkeeping

Accounting software can be very inexpensive, so why are small businesses still using spreadsheets to track their hard-earned money? Here are 5 reasons to rethink those money methods.

Get your money right away and look good doing it.

Professional electronic invoices with instant payment options that will update your software when paid. Every bit of time that lapses between the sale and the payment increases reasons and problems for non-payment. So, image when they get this nice looking invoice straight to their mobile device that gives them the convenient option of clicking to pay NOW.

Extremely valuable reporting at a touch of the button.

The smaller the business, the higher the need is for tracking cashflows and profitability when every dime matters. Sure, you could manually build this reporting, but that decreases the likelihood that you will closely monitor that. Accounting software already has it for you and can help you watch that money.

The ability to see where something came from, who entered it, and backtrack if something went wrong.

Have you ever seen something funky in your accounting and wondered what happened? Maybe how did that get there? Or even worse, suspected some fraudulent activity within your business? Good software is set up to take all out the wondering factor and make it easy to track all the activity.

Easy automated bank reconciliation that let's you double-check behind yourself.

Good monthly bank reconciliation can really be what ensures mistakes are being missed, important details aren’t incorrectly tracked, and is really important for fiscal responsibility. Accounting software can pull in your statements, make it easy to match up items or find something missing, and even automate tracking of someone you pay every month, etc.

Error-free calculations with far less time investment.

I am not saying you make mistakes or don’t know how to input a formula, but spreadsheets are only as good as the person creating them and are really easy to accidentally click the wrong button. Accounting software has already streamlined the workflows and proper calculations built-in for you to take you from data entry to business rock star without taking away valuable time from building your business.

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